Oct. 3rd, 2016

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing for me! I, er, seem to have written a lot of words this year. Feel free to ignore pretty much all of them! I love seeing how other people think about my favorite fandoms, and I love seeing interpretations that are different from mine (some of my favorite fics are the ones that made me look at things in a new way). Please do not feel like you need to follow any of my prompts!

Her Smoke Rose Up Forever )

Tillerman Cycle )

Der Ring des Nibelungen )

General. )

Consuming canon: The shortest (though IMO the most difficult) is no doubt Tiptree; you could just read one short story and write a fic based on it. The list of short stories in Smoke is here:

The list of stories: )

Googling many of these will give you text, some of which is even legal. For example, here is an official web reprint of "Love is the Plan the Plan is Death".

Much of the Ring Cycle is available on Youtube. I'm basically imprinted on the Boulez version of Die Walkure with Donald McIntyre and Gwyneth Jones, available with English subs here (Acts I and II) and here (Act III). The Boulez version of Rheingold is also here.

I also rather liked the Sawallisch version of Walkure here (Part 1) and here (Part 2), although I think Wotan's hat is really weird.

Librettos are also available free on the web — English translations here and here, and probably other places of which I am unaware. I really like Andrew Porter's English translation, which is available on Amazon.

The Tillerman Cycle books are all in print and seem to be generally available at libraries, and they are very fast reads (probably faster than Tiptree despite being more pages, and certainly much more calming and affirming to read). Writing about Jeff only would take reading A Solitary Blue and Seventeen Against the Dealer. Writing about Mina would mostly involve reading Come A Stranger and probably at least skimming Seventeen Against the Dealer. James or Sammy or Maybeth would probably involve reading most of the books, but particularly Dicey's Song and Sons From Afar and Seventeen.


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