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My nomination plans:

1. Cordwainer Smith. Because the world needs more Cordwainer Smith stories, darn it!

2. Preiddeu Annwn, because [livejournal.com profile] lignota thought about nominating a song version for Jukebox and ever since she reminded me that this poem exists, I have really really wanted a fic about the three fullnesses of Prydwen that went with Arthur, dolorous visit; and none rose up, except seven...

3. ...so many options!

-Tillerman, because I love the books and hence always nominate it (though I'm thinking maybe give something else a chance this year)
-Der Ring, Brunnhilde and Loge (I really wonder what they thought of each other)
-Eugene Onegin, Tatiana (am leaning against this, mostly because I'm realizing I want a particular story that at this point I might as well write myself)
-Church Going (Philip Larkin) (because it would be interesting to see what someone did with the worldbuilding Larkin sketches in the later stanzas; I'm kinda leaning towards this one)
-Mabinogion, because Arianrhod

Date: 2014-09-24 06:46 am (UTC)
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My Yuletide noms, sigh. I kept a list this year, of what I wanted to nominate or request ... except one fandom didn't make it on the list. So, when the nomination planning came around, I pulled out my list, picked three (two of which, Donovan's Reef and My Fair Lady were for sure, one of which (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress--I have seen one feminist critique-fic of it, and want more. And also more Mike, because I love him.) I was on the fence about. And when I posted my list to the nomination coordination post, I had several people squee about tMiaHM, and how they would love to read/write it and thank you for nominating it.

Then I realized yesterday that I HAD TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT JANELLE MONAE'S ARCHANDROID SERIES. If you don't know her, she's a phenomenally talented psychedelic soul and R&B artist whose first three albums tell the story of a robot named Cindi Mayweather in a dystopian future who falls in love with a human and is scheduled for termination because of it. There's time travel, and robots, and a sharp commentary on race and class and who matters and who doesn't and finding hope in dark times and all of it set to music that makes someone who doesn't tend to like modern pop music (and particularly not the R&B/Hip-Hop edge of it) go, yeah, okay, I see why people love this type of music.

I would rather get Janelle Monae fic than MiaHM fic. But nobody else has nommed Janelle Monae's albums, and other people want MiaHM and probably won't be nomming it themselves because they think I will be. And I would like MiaHM fic, it would be a worthy Yuletide present. So I nommed MiaHM, as I said I would. (But it hasn't been confirmed yet, so I may change my mind and edit it.)


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