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I wrote a story for rarewomen:

The Company of Camelot (5248 words) by raspberryhunter
Fandom: Le Morte d'Arthur - Thomas Malory
Rating: PG-13 (mostly for themes)
Characters: Morgan le Fay, Nimue (Arthurian), Lancelot du Lac, Guinevere (Arthurian)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Corporate, Genetics, Friendship, Rivalry
Summary: Morgan should have been the heir to Uther's gene-cleaning empire. But now it belongs to Arthur, and Lance and Gwen... and Nimue.

morganstern's prompt asked for Morgan le Fay as a legitimate claimant to power, mentioned a preference for politically-oriented, and suggested a modern-day corporate AU. I read the ending of Le Morte d'Arthur and asked: how did Morgan and Nimue get from here to there? And then this story happened.

My betas [personal profile] sprocket and [personal profile] ollipop were terrific. [personal profile] sprocket especially did a lot of heavy lifting in helping me work out the worldbuilding (including basically all the genetics; any remaining errors are mine) as well as reading the first draft, told entirely from Nimue's POV and in which Morgan and Nimue were enemies, and forcing me to confront that it didn't work at all (well, she said it much more nicely than that, but that was the basic idea), with some great ideas to help me write the blasted thing again from scratch. (I think I saved two paragraphs out of that first draft, bah.)

And I got a present! batchsan wrote me a Gunnerkrigg Court story: Say It, a missing scene where Kat and Anja talk about Paz. In my opinion, there can never be too much GC fic, nor can there be too much fic about mothers and daughters. And of course I'm a big fan of Kat/Paz :)
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...Finally rarewomen reveals are out! Yay! I wrote two, both queen-centric (not sure what was up there). First, my pinch hit for [personal profile] meganbmoore, Ygraine-centric. I'm much happier with how it turned out than with a lot of things that took me longer to write. It was a perfect pinch hit, as the prompt was quite thoughtful and really gave me the whole gestalt, and I just had to fill in.

Prompt from meganbmoore )

Title: The Monstrous Crying of Wind
Fandom: Malory: Le Morte d'Arthur
Rating: PG-13 (for themes)
Characters: Ygraine, Morgan, Morgause
Word count: 1889
Warnings: Mentions of rape/noncon, nothing explicit
Summary: Ygraine tells her daughters about her lost son.
Notes: Many thanks to vana_tuivana for a lovely and time-constrained beta!

AO3 link here.

We must all survive in whatever chinks and crannies we can. )

Notes: Where there is a difference between Malory and other traditions, I have almost completely followed Malory (so, for example, Morgause is rather nicer than many other traditions paint her *cough*thanks a lot, T.H. White*cough*). The only exception is that Malory posits a third sister, Elaine, who then completely disappears from the narrative; I've taken the liberty of assuming she is an interpolation and not considered her here.

The title is from W.B. Yeats' "To a Child Dancing in the Wind."


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